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(For the record I went from Atheist

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canada goose coats Edit at the beginning, not the end. I messing up canada goose jacket outlet sale ALL the norms, Christian Wiccan AND reddit. I do think canada goose outlet us it needs to be said canada goose outlet real at the very top here, that you are correct, I WAS misunderstanding what you were saying. (end edit) canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket cheap Okay, some of these are easy, some are a bit trickier. First, on the subject of the feminine devine in Christianity, I will point not only to Mary the canada goose outlet london uk Theotokos, Mother of official canada goose outlet God, but also to the plethora of female saints. (I will admit that it is MUCH easier to make a syncretic religion from Catholic Christianity than Protestant). While I would agree that Christianity elevates the male over the female, there is are female canada goose outlet store new york powers that can easily be elevated. There are also several schools of history that think that Jesus was married. (The best argument for such being that no large group of Jews would accept, in those days, a Rabbi who was NOT married, and there would have been quite a lot written about why we should accept him despite not being married (just like there is quite a bit written about why he should be accepted despite not fulfilling the most important of the Prophecies of the Messiah, and why there is a lot written about how he is from the line of David, and how she was not impregnated by a Roman Soldier named Pantara.). However, we do not see Canada Goose Outlet these strong arguments against what would have been a strong sentiment of “why do we follow an unmarried Rabbi?” So it canada goose outlet edmonton is quite possible to posit that his wife, who has been erased from history by the early Church Patriarchy is also Goddess to his God. Lastly, there are those who consider the Holy Spirit to be the feminine power, Jesus to be the masculine, and JHVH to be both, since He is all things. While these DO make for more or less heterodox, if not heretical Christian views, they do exist within contemporary Christianity, even if only on the fringes. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose deals Wicca teaching the physical plane being the important plane, and Christians teaching to canada goose outlet montreal look beyond it is a much stronger argument. However, there are plenty references canada goose outlet store near me to the glory of Creation in canada goose outlet ontario the bible, and while looking past the material world canada goose outlet london is fairly ubiquitious among Christians, (Indeed, I would say it is the primary factor leading to Christianity to becoming its own religion rather than a Jewish subgroup) it is important to note that this does not mean that the world itself is not sacred. In most Christianity, creation is canada goose outlet in usa viewed as Sacred, as it was created by God. Humans were appointed its stewards, but also told to “subdue” it in the first creation account in Genesis. However, the second account in canada goose outlet online uk Genesis is softer, and almost seems to contradict. Here he is canada goose parka outlet uk told to till and tend to canada goose outlet 2015 the earth. Looking at this from a perspective of oral history that was later written down, putting these together seems to point that the subjiction of the earth was supposed to be TILLING the earth, and causing it to bring forth life. It is a story canada goose outlet authentic of the beginning of agriculture for the semetic peoples. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket cheap Which brings me to a HUGE point. No, you cannot take the bible as the inerrant word of God. You HAVE to approach it as, at best, the flawed accounts of people who had interactions with God or gods. You have to approach it from the viewpoint of an academic bible scholar NOT the viewpoint of a fundamentalist OR canada goose outlet sale as Dogma. There canada goose outlet store montreal is no book on my shelf that is ennarant, neither the Bible (in any of its translations) nor The Witches Bible. These scholars are not mainstream, but they are fairly universally accepted as Christian. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canadian goose jacket Nevertheless I am here, not in a Christian sub, because I do hold the Wiccan forms as being more central to my beliefs than the Christian. I am a Wiccan, who uses the symbolic mythology from the Christian and Protochristian cultures as a major influence on how I practice Wicca. I do not think that I have changed it more than many Wiccans who I have seen unchallenged have changed the legends of Demeter, Hades and Kore, for one among many examples. (I understand that the, I don know what to call it, “theory” sounds too dignified, the headcanon that Kore wanted to escape her overbearing mother, and knowingly and willingly went to Hades because she wanted some action is a total inversion of the Mythology, but I have seen it presented as at least a possibility in more than one Wiccan ritual. I have seen Loki turned into a Devil, or a Hero. I have seen Diana claim to not want sacrifice (to harken back to an earlier point) and all kinds of other inversions of the mythology go unchallenged. But the Christian mythology cannot be changed if canada goose outlet michigan you want to use it, or if you do so you aren really using it. Or you are just afraid to leave the religion you grew up in. (For the record I went from Atheist, to Wiccan, To Christo Wiccan, and now I just call myself Wiccan, because no other Wiccans I know hyphenate, and the Universal aspect is more important than the individual aspect.) canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket Now, I WILL grant, that from a pure BTW standpoint, one that does not accept that there is more than one God appropriate to call in Wicca, there are greater problems. (I still say it is quite possible to claim that that God has many names, just as does the Goddess, and that so long as you worship the Horned God, and know that he is the Horned God, it is not anti Wiccan to think he might also be Jesus with a Crown of Thorns, so long as you actively worship Him as the Horned God, and the connection between the two is kept as a side belief about the Horned God. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose Oh, I not claiming that any other follower of a religion would claim that the mere act of using their gods was problematic, since they don have the same commandment. canada goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap However they DO have other commandments, including making sacrifice. (Really, look at how big a deal that was in Roman religion!) buy canada goose jacket cheap

buy canada goose jacket cheap So, if you compare canada goose outlet near me Wicca canada goose womens outlet to the religions from which it draws Gods, canada goose kensington parka uk or you compare Christo Wicca to the religion from which it draws Gods. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Jackets You get one major rule broken in each. It is a different rule, I grant, but you are still breaking the most important rule in the religion. Canada Goose Jackets

cheap Canada Goose TL;DR If you want to canada goose outlet mississauga follow a Christian form of deity in the traditional way, have no other Gods. If You want to follow a Roman (or many other ancient pagan) form canada goose outlet in canada of deity in a traditional form, perform sacrifices. If you you incorporate either into Wicca, you are breaking the rules canada goose outlet niagara falls cheap Canada Goose.

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