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My dad claims it’s fair because it’s how real estate works

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Canada Goose online Barley_Mowat 5 points submitted 1 month ago Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets Back pressure during fermentation. The yeast gives off more than enough CO2 to carbonate most styles of beer. Some breweries bleed Canada Goose Coats On Sale this off and then Canada Goose Jackets force carbonate during kegging. Some don (or just top up to a desired pressurization if the end product was low/inconsistent, or they fearful of a good ole KABOOM if their fermenters can handle the pressure (not all FVs are designed for this)). Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Outlet Supposedly Quake uses dead reckoning in its network communication, meaning it only sends a new canada goose uk black friday packet when the velocity Canada Goose Online changes. If you keep rounding the velocity then it will change less often so less network communication is needed. At canada goose least, this is what the video hinted at. Canada Goose Outlet

cheap Canada Goose Even with no rounding, different framerates are going to produce different results in the simulation. canada goose clearance In reality, velocity uk canada goose decreases continuously during the entire buy canada goose jacket frame, but Quake apparently uses the canada goose clearance sale Euler method, meaning it considers the velocity to be constant for the canada goose store entire frame canada goose uk outlet duration (the graph at the top of that Wikipedia article gives a good indication of what happens canada goose uk when you do that). cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose sale For this simple case canada goose coats on sale you can compute an exact integral instead of a numerical approximation but in practice things like collision detection is going to make that impossible. As far as I know the best cheap Canada Goose way of getting a stable FPS independent simulation is to run physics at a fixed framerate in canada goose uk shop a separate thread which is independent of the canada goose coats rendering. Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats on sale dontFart_InSpaceSuit 18 points submitted 1 month ago canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket I pull down a decent salary (6 figures). I eat this way, too. I want a house so bad so I’m trying to save all I canadian goose jacket can. That high salary comes with a job in uk canada goose outlet an expensive area. 2k in rent or Canada Goose sale a 2 hour commute with a cheap canada goose uk 1200 rent payment elsewhere. It’s hard to break into the homeowner class these days, and I know I’m doing Canada Goose Outlet better than most of my peers. It’s sad. canadian goose jacket

canada goose deals The instant pot has helped me save money. Sure everything comes Canada Goose Parka out mushy, but I can make super good curry now. Every cheap meal I make for less than canada goose factory sale $2 is a step towards getting out of the trap of paying baby boomers’ mortgages on “investment properties”. Fuck that fucking bullshit. They found one more way to fuck us over on their way Canada Goose online out. My dad claims it’s fair because it’s how real estate works. Bullshit. That’s not how it was when you were my age. Now we see one generation hoarding canada goose black friday sale properties while the younger generation pays all their wages into the older folks’ equity. Just because they got there first and had a few decades head start. If the problem of “investment property” hoarding isn’t addressed, it will only fester buy canada goose jacket cheap and get worse for our country. And of course if the market shifts and the greedy investors are stuck with the tab, I’m sure they will get a bailout canada goose deals.

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