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So for me, it was really exciting to get to go in and having

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handbags ysl replica With Jeff McLane latest report suggesting that the Eagles plan to place the franchise tag on DeSean Jackson, and sources close to the wide receiver in the same report saying that Jackson not balk at signing the Eagles one year tender, I starting to wonder if this whole ugly situation might be resolved with less drama than we thought.At its most basic, every negotiation is a game of chicken, and the Eagles DeSean contract mini feud is no exception. It all about who flinches first to prevent the worse possible outcome a season in which the Eagles keep DeSean but he refuses to sign the franchise tender and play the 2012 season without a new long term deal.Jackson folding first means he would just sign the franchise tag and play out the year with a guaranteed $9.5 million. The Eagles, on the other hand, could give up and trade Jackson for minimal return handbags ysl replica.

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