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That very typical for choice based games

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Cheap Prada Handbags Whoa, that escalated quickly.When you come back from your trip from alternate reality, and read her diary, whether you chose to kiss Chloe or not, the entries say “As soon as I saw her face, I wanted to kiss her again.” or “I wish I had kissed her”.I don think I would ever say things like these unless I had romantic feelings for my friends.It all about little details in games like these.That very typical for choice based games, like Mass Effect or DragonAge.Whether or not you choose to go with the romantic options, your character, or other characters VA tend to sound the same. My femshep in ME sounded flirty with TONS of characters I friendzoned because it was scripted that way, it done to reduce the production costs, and because the devs don want to record every important piece of dialogue with several variations.This is why Max sounds the same when talking to Warren whether you bro zone him or not, and similar. I like to see a game where your character absolutely changes completely based on your choices the facial expressions, vocal expressions, animations and the like Cheap Prada Handbags.

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