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They want to see what moves and statements he makes today

Latest Florida Recounts Ruled Unconstitutional

Canada Goose online Supreme Court, and it has spoken in the long, lingering presidential standoff. And now the nation is waiting to hear what Vice President Al Gore has to say. Gore is expected to respond today to the late night Supreme Court decision that put George W. Bush a big step closer to victory.

The high court issued a 7 2 decision overturning the statewide recount of disputed ballots ordered by the Florida Supreme Court. The justices cited constitutional problems with the recount.

cheap Canada Goose A spokesman for the Bush campaign saying that the Canada Goose Parka Texas governor is “pleased and gratified” by the decision, but the campaign is stopping short of declaring final victory.

As for Al Gore, his campaign manager says the vice president needed time to review the ruling and will respond in full detail today.


buy canada goose jacket Well, the vice president is still here at the Naval Observatory. Aides say they’re going to be shortly having another conference call. They are conferring with their legal advisers, political aides to uk canada goose outlet see, they say, what are the options. They say it’s a very complicated decision, a complex one with many layers. And they want to see if there is still any avenue at all left to get some kind of manual recount begun. Most of them, though, say that it looks canada goose clearance pretty bleak, that the legal opinion looks devastating.

canada goose clearance sale There are, though, some Democrat who say that the getting the votes counted, that the principle of one person, one vote and having that vote counted is a principle that should be fought for.

canada goose clearance JOE ANDREW, DNC NATIONAL CHAIRMAN: We’re trying to do exactly what the court wants us to cheap Canada Goose do. You know, it is not the vice president who’s challenging the cheap canada goose outlet legitimacy of this opinion or the legitimacy of the court, even though it’s the dissent itself of the court that is making some real questions about whether or not they themselves should have got involved in here. So Canada Goose Outlet it’s Canada Goose Jackets not a canada goose coats on sale search canada goose uk black friday for a loophole, it’s a search to see whether or not there’s a way to continue the battle for the principle here, the principle that they are tens of thousands of votes that haven’t been counted and they ought to be counted.

canada goose deals O’CONNOR: Still other Democrats are hitting the vice president with calls for him to end this now and to concede because, they say, at the end of the day, buy canada goose jacket the next canada goose coats president will be George W. Bush, that that’s what was really in this Supreme Court decision.

buy canada goose jacket cheap And the some of the aides of the vice president, though, say that those calls were disappointing and that they should give the vice president the chance to canada goose uk shop consider this legal opinion, a very complicated canada goose black friday sale one, and that it only should be he who talks about concession.

Canada Goose Jackets But, as you know, the public pressure will build and the political pressure will build to end this once and for all. Already some Democrats saying, cheap canada goose uk look, it’s time to end it because it’s time also to unite the country Daryn.

canada goose coats on sale KAGAN: Eileen, you can imagine that pressure is only going to build throughout this canadian goose jacket day. Any word on what time we would expect to hear from the vice president?

O’CONNOR: No, we’re being told that they’re going to have this conference call, that there’s some, you know and consider the options, and that we won’t know anything for canada goose store at least a couple more hours, at least late morning. But, again, there really is no firm timetable on any of this, Daryn.

KAGAN: OK, well, we will definitely check back with you.

And Canada Goose sale that leads us right to the Bush campaign. Camped out in Austin, Texas and covering that for us this morning is who do we have there? There we go, Jeanne Meserve.

canada goose coats JEANNE MESERVE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Daryn.

Gov. Bush at this hour receiving his national security briefing. It’s part of his daily routine and part of his preparation to be the next president of the United States. The outstanding question, of course, will he be Canada Goose Coats On Sale the president of the United States?

The Bush uk canada goose campaign privately says that it very much sees the Supreme Court decision as a victory, but they’re being quite circumspect in their canada goose factory sale public comments. The only on the record reaction thus far came from former Secretary of Canada Goose online State James Baker, who spoke last night in Florida. He pronounced buy canada goose jacket cheap Bush and his running mate Dick Cheney very pleased and gratified by the court’s ruling. This canada goose morning, Jim Nicholson of the Republican National Committee said he was cautiously optimistic but was in a wait and see attitude. What they’re waiting for, of course, is Al Gore. They want to see what moves and statements he makes today.

Canada Goose sale Nicholson also reacted to the criticism of the court and its decision from some Democrats.

canada goose black friday sale JIM NICHOLSON, RNC CHAIRMAN: I think that this attack on the canada goose uk outlet court will subside. What we need to do now is to really come together, stop the incendiary language and see if we can’t bond as a country for the good of the people of the country, particularly the children so we can improve their education and help workers in America save more of the money they’re earning with a tax cut.

canada goose store MESERVE: That legislative agenda and the looking forward a matter of concern for Dick Canada Goose Online Cheney today. He’s going up to Capitol Hill to meet with moderate Senate Republicans today. There are only five of them, but they could be crucial to moving forward any legislation in a closely divided Congress.

canadian goose jacket As for Gov. Bush, we’ve been told he will be going to the state Capitol in about a half an hour’s time. You can bet reporters will be throwing him questions, but we don’t know yet if he’ll answer and we’ll get some first canada goose clearance sale hand reaction to the Supreme Court decision Daryn.

Canada Goose Parka KAGAN: Jeanne Meserve in Austin, Texas, thank you very much.

canada goose We’ll move right to the place where Dick Cheney is headed today, and that is Capitol Hill, where we find our own Chris Black.

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