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13 Flowering Houseplants

buy canada goose jacket cheap While most popular houseplants are grown for their foliage, there are canada goose clearance sale quite a few flowering plants that are grown indoors.

buy canada goose jacket One of the advantages of a flowering houseplant is that the blooms last long. Cut fresh flowers may be beautiful but rarely last more than a week. Many indoor flowering houseplants produce blooms that remain fresh and attractive for up to six weeks. Others may produce blooms for the greater part of the year.

Canada Goose Parka While flowering houseplants require light, never set buy canada goose jacket a plant directly in front of a south facing window, especially in the summer. The heat will be too much canada goose uk black friday and may scorch the leaves.

Never allow plants to touch a window pane.

Canada Goose Jackets Remember that low light does not mean no light. All plants need light for photosynthesis.

The greatest killer of houseplants is over watering. When instructed to keep soil moist, that means as canada goose store wet as a wrung out sponge. Soggy soil will rot the roots.

Canada Goose online Flowers will reach toward the Canada Goose sale light. Turn the plant occasionally to keep it looking balanced.

Canada Goose sale African Violet or SaintpauliaAfrican violet is a low growing plant with round, fuzzy buy canada goose jacket cheap leaves that grow in a whirl. This canada goose old fashioned favorite loves humidity but hates wet leaves. Water carefully and set on a tray of damp pebbles. Feed with a fertilizer that has been specially created for African violets.

cheap Canada Goose Flowers bloom in shades of purple, violet, white, or pink. An African violet plant will live for years and flower several times a year. Set in a north or east facing window and keep soil moist.

canada goose black friday sale Amaryllis or HippeastrumAmaryllis are popular Christmas Canada Goose Parka gifts. Large bulbs planted in a loose soil mix shoot thick stems up two feet in early winter. Dramatic flowers appear 7 10 weeks after planting. Blooms come in many colors including scarlet, red, salmon, white, multicolored, and flecked.

Place Amaryllis where it can receive bright light in a warm area of at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Plant bulb up to its neck and water sparingly until shoot emerges, then keep soil moist.

canada goose store Cut stalks after flower fades. Water and fertilize to build energy for next year’s flower.

After the leaves turn yellow, cut them uk canada goose outlet off. Remove bulb from the soil and store in a cool, dark, dry place until ready to plant the next winter.

canada goose coats Moth Orchid or PhalaenopsisNot long ago, orchids were an exotic and expensive rarity, a flower only seen at special occasions. New large scale growers have made the moth orchid a popular and affordable flowering houseplant. Delicate flowers bloom along the ends of long, arching canada goose parka stems. (Those stems will need support)

canadian goose jacket Blooms last for up to 6 weeks. Plants kept in bright but not direct sunlight in an orchid medium, watered thoroughly and allowed to dry out may bloom again. Fertilize with a commercial orchid fertilizer and uk canada goose follow manufacturers’ directions.

Paper Whites or Narcissus canadian goose jacket papyraceusPaper whites are gorgeous reminders of spring that bloom indoors during the winter. Bulbs planted in a loose medium send up bright stalks topped canada goose clearance by bright white, aromatic flowers. While most people love the heady scent of Paper Whites, there are a few folks who can’t stand the smell.

canada goose coats on sale Plant bulbs in a loose medium and set in a cool but brightly lit spot. Odd numbers of bulbs usually look better than an even number. Keep growing medium moist but not soggy.

Paper Whites canada goose coats rarely bloom again and are generally thrown away canada goose factory sale after the flowers fade.

Canada Goose Outlet Peace Lily or SpathiphyllumPeace lily is not a true lily. This plant is very tolerant of low light conditions and often seen in canada goose uk outlet lobbies and offices.

Peace lily features large, glossy, deep green leaves up to 14 inches Canada Goose Coats On Sale long and 4 inches wide. Beautiful single petal flowers emerge on a tall stem. A central spadix is surrounded by a spathe in white or pink that often fades to green.

Keep soil moist and lightly cheap canada goose uk fertilize canada goose coats on sale once a month. Cut back on water and fertilizer canada goose uk shop in winter months. Peace lily is mildly toxic but is a great air purifier that removes contaminants from the air.

Pitcher Plant or Nepenthes HookerianaShowing up suddenly at a few chain hardware store garden shops, Pitcher plants are not an easy care houseplant. Amusing Canada Goose online for its exotic looks and the fun fact that it is a Canada Goose Outlet carnivorous plant, Pitcher plant canada goose black friday sale needs cheap Canada Goose the warmth and humidity usually provided in a greenhouse setting. If you want to take a try at growing this exotic at home, toss the occasional ant into its maw and drizzle a bit of water into the flower occasionally.

Pot in a loose, soilless medium or wrap in spagnum moss, hang on the wall in a humid area and Canada Goose Online hope for the best.

canada goose clearance sale Poinsettia or Euphorbia pulcherrimaPoinsettia, those beautiful plants sold at Christmas time are often disposable houseplants. Forced plants often perish after blooming. But Poinsettia can be tended and coaxed back into color the next year with proper care.

canada goose Planting outdoors and providing with 15 hours of darkness in Fall can recreate the color Canada Goose Jackets but not always in time for the Holidays. Prune before planting outdoors.

Poinsettia flowers are actually very tiny. The bright red color (or pink or white) is in the bracts or leaves surrounding the bloom.

canada goose deals When bringing home for the holidays, place Poinsettia in bright, filtered light. Water when soil dries out. Poinsettia prefers cooler nights.

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