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He says no one has yet been able to assess damage on Grand Turk

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canada goose sale outlet That beat out the region record of 14.3 set on Sept. 11, 1961. Thursday now ranks third for ACE with 14.2 and Wednesday ranks fourth at 14.1.Hurricane Irma has caused extensive flooding and damaged many homes in the Turks and Caicos Islands southeast of the Bahamas.Minister of Instructure Gold Ray Ewing says damage on the most populated island of Providenciales will total at least half a billion dollars.He says no one has yet been able to assess damage on Grand Turk and South Caicos islands.In an interview with The Associated Press, Ewing said that a community known as Blue Hill on the northwestern side of Providenciales is “gone” and that homes have been destroyed across the island.The Disaster Management Agency says it has no reports yet of any deaths in the British territory.Flooding is widespread and power is out throughout the island chain canada goose sale outlet.

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