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He suffered a canada goose outlet black friday traumatic brain

Serious Should elderly people be forced to canada goose outlet take tests regarding their motor vehicle operating abilities and mental fitness and get their motor vehicle licenses revoked if they fail the tests

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canada goose clearance I am a bot, and canada goose outlet belgium this canada goose outlet official action was performed automatically. He suffered a canada goose outlet black friday traumatic brain injury. Among many other complications, he has little to no short term memory, and can not see anything coming from the left. Almost as if he has blinders on. He does live on his own, with canada goose parka uk lots of help from therapists, canada goose shop uk family, friends, and his phone with hundreds of reminders, etc. He went with his mom to the Secretary of State to get a state issued canada goose outlet online store ID. There must have been a misunderstanding, because they gave him the little eye test, like he was going to renew his driver license. He, and his mom explained that he can drive, he can see well, he wouldn canada goose outlet houston remember where or how to go anywhere, and the canada goose outlet store near me lady basically said, “You passed the test, take the license, just in case.” He would be such a danger in the road, and they explained that, yet the Secretary of State insisted he take the license. He won drive and has no access to a vehicle. But, for some reason the state of Michigan really wanted to give the guy that is canada goose outlet online reviews partially blind, has very little canada goose outlet hong kong memory, and very canada goose outlet store toronto poor motor skills to be able to drive a car. I live in the Chicago area and when I was waiting for my turn to canada goose outlet sale come up, I see an old man and A younger woman walk up to the desk. Apparently the canada goose outlet ontario man is renewing his license, however when the person at the dmv asked him a question he was so out of it with dementia that he couldn’t canada goose outlet mississauga answer. The woman he was with claimed to be his helper all the while the man is just totally not focus into in on the conversation at all and just was looking around a bit. The dmv then told him his new license would be mailed to him in a couple weeks! canada goose clearance

canada goose clearance I mean maybe I am canada goose outlet eu being a bit judgemental but shouldn’t that be the exact type of person who shouldn’t be driving?In Ontario, if a doctor believes you are not medically or cognitively fit to drive, they have a duty to revoke your license and if they don and you get into an accident and kill someone, the doctor can lose their canada goose outlet england medical license. The driver can go for in depth testing which can costs $$$ to get their license back, but they often have canada goose outlet montreal to get retested every 6 12 months. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Parka When the doctor asked my Mom, who was already struggling with the early stages of Alzheimer if she was ever unaware of where she was, Mom replied, “wellll, sometimes, but not often.” and boom, her license was gone. Having the news come from a medical professional made it easier for her to accept, although she was still very upset about it. On normal out of city roads (in my country) it easy to attribute a single headlight to the bicycle path running next to the road (divided by a green patch), because bicycles outnumber motorcycles like crazy. So drivers sometimes just don cognitively register goose outlet canada me on a bike. Riding like they actively trying to kill me means I always have a way out and I never linger near a car Canada Goose Parka.

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