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Instead, despite his agent suggestion Sunday the 19 year old

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canada goose jacket sale cheap canada goose SpacerThe team filmed experienced Twa honey gatherers climbing trees and used still images from the film to measure how far their ankle bent towards their shin while climbing. The findings were striking. Twa climbers can bend their ankles up to 40 This is as far as modern chimpanzees and would cause major injury to industrialized humans our ankles only bend 15 20 Could this extreme flexibility be due to skeletal differences? To find out, the researchers visited the University of Geneva and measured the shin bones of skeletons of male Ituri, another pygmy population who frequently climb trees. canada goose jacket sale

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canada goose clearance And that A OK.Two days after being named one of the 37 invitees to Team Canada world junior team training camp, Ryan Nugent Hopkins has yet to surface with word of his Christmas plans for the 2013 world junior hockey championship.And that has more to do with the NHL lockout than it does anything else.In a perfect world, his return to Edmonton on Sunday would have been followed up by a media availability explaining why an MRI on the shoulder he injured last year was planned weeks earlier. He then give a status report and answer questions on his intentions.Instead, despite his agent suggestion Sunday the 19 year old superstar dearly wanted to make his first appearance at the world juniors, there has been radio silence.The Oilers, who are generally happy to trot one of their most prized possessions out to the media, have clearly been handcuffed by the league. While Nugent Hopkins is in Edmonton, the club isn allowed to comment on the status of a player under contract because of the lockout situation. canada goose clearance

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