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Last time i checked Crystal bond was around 20

Janelle Monslay u

Scaelin 2 points submitted 1 day ago

I have a friend that played moncler outlet woodbury Crystal beast for years, so i got general knowledge moncler outlet online of moncler usa the deck.

moncler outlet woodbury In my opinion the main issue with playing the pendulum cards is that it takes 2 moncler outlet store S/T slots to be effective, which is pretty inconvenient in uk moncler outlet Crystal beast, because it limits their moncler outlet sale capacity to moncler online store come back as spells, therefore rendering Crystal Abundance litteraly unplayable moncler outlet prices (which is a shame, because of how useful it is, like pretty much a win condition), and limits their field spell aswell. moncler outlet woodbury

moncler coats for kids Another problem you face is that the new support is pretty damn expensive. Last time i checked Crystal bond was around 20, and rainbow bridge was somewhat more affordable but still around 3.50 each. moncler coats for kids

So i guess that moncler uk outlet in order to have a more budget build, the better option would either to:

Make cheap moncler jackets womens a beatdown sorta deck and try to get as much value as you can with things like

moncler jackets for women 3 Pegasus (definitely the best out of the 7) moncler jackets for women

moncler outlet online 2/3 Carbuncle (While great, you might brick more often at 3) moncler outlet online

moncler outlet uk 1/2 Tiger/Eagle (WHile not the best, you want more CB in general to get value from other Cheap moncler effects, and they are somewhat decent in comparison to the last three) moncler outlet uk

With this kind of build, moncler sale outlet you add :

Official Moncler Outlet 2 Summoner Monk (for consistency, help getting Pegasus turn 1 a lot of the time, can make R4NK plays aswell i guess) Official Moncler Outlet

buy moncler jackets toronto Some spicy tech cards might include buy moncler jackets toronto

1/2 Hamon, a 4k beater is always nice, and is pretty easy to summon moncler womens jackets aswell.

moncler outlet ny 2 Dark Simurgh, if you decide to include cheap moncler jackets mens some more dark tech cards, as this combined with anti spell fragrance can be a real nuisance to a lot of decks nowadays. moncler outlet ny

Then with spells you play things like

2 Abundance, basically a win condition

moncler jackets toronto 2/3 Ruins (the field spell), you get value from it a lot of the time moncler jackets toronto

moncler jackets canada 2/3 Beacon, polyvalent tutor that special summons, rarely a dead card moncler jackets canada

moncler coats for men 1/2 Promise cheap moncler coats mens can get you some nice field if you target Carbuncle, leading to zyx/link plays moncler coats for men

2 Pot of desires (might not exactly be budget, but if you have some around they can be used pretty efficiently)

moncler outlet online store 1/2 pot moncler outlet duality (a cheaper options, since you have often turns in the early turns where you can special summon anyway) moncler outlet online store

2 Rare value, a good archetypal draw card.

moncler jackets men Traps are generally not that great in CB, since it takes S/T slots, but you might consider running moncler jackets men

moncler jackets Royal decree, because fck traps amirite? moncler jackets

Anti uk moncler sale spell fragrance, great with simurgh and pretty strong in general.

moncler jackets outlet Torrential tribute, while slow, doesn bother you as much as your opponent, as it generates value from your CB monsters. moncler jackets outlet

The best defensive option would be running moncler sale handtraps, but they are nowhere near budget options right now so yeah.

That a general idea of moncler sale online a beatdown kinda deck oriented cheap moncler jackets towards abundance.

I know of another deck that revolves around the new Rainbow Overdragon, that has to cheap moncler sale use all of the CB to either summon the original rainbow dragon to SS Overdragon, or use a new spell card to summon it. best moncler jackets I not quite discount moncler jackets familiar with this new version so i can talk about it much, sorry.

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