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Now that a public company acquired HubPages

Canada Goose Parka Is The Maven Publishing Network a Good Long Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Jackets Maven is an canada goose uk outlet online content company based in Seattle, Washington, that was incorporated in Nevada on July 22, 2016 under the name “Amplify Media, Inc.” Canada Goose Jackets

Their name was uk canada goose outlet changed to “Amplify Media Network, Inc.” on July 27, 2016 and further changed to “theMaven Network, Inc.” on October 14, 2016.1 Presently, their logo simply refers to them as “Maven”.

Despite combining unrelated topics under one domain, a practice that Google frowns upon as being a content farm, Maven uses a proven method of organizing niche channels into interest groups that effectively engage the reader.1

cheap Canada Goose radondenvercolorado Maven Acquires HubPagesMaven announced the acquisition of HubPages in January 2018. Since then, I watched their share price drop from $2.50 to canada goose black friday sale $1.50.2 cheap Canada Goose

I’m sure HubPages isn’t the cause of the lower share price because of canada goose uk black friday my canada goose clearance sale own experience with over a million views on my articles that are published on their various network sites.

In 2012 Google implemented the Panda Algorithm that literally wiped out other content sites that shared unrelated articles buy canada goose jacket cheap under one domain as a content farm.

HubPages solved that problem by creating a network of 27 individual sites, each related canada goose store to only one specific topic category.

buy canada goose jacket cheap In addition, they imposed strict guidelines for writing stellar articles cheap canada goose uk that meet Google’s Search Quality Rating Program.3 This is a set of guidelines for creating written content that has a defined Page Quality (PQ rating) and that meets the needs (NM rating) of people doing online search. buy canada goose jacket cheap

I’m sure that’s why Maven decided to acquire HubPages. They saw it as an opportunity to improve their own business.

canadian goose jacket So Why Did Maven Share Price Drop?Subject to a number of conditions to be met, Maven’s acquisition of HubPages was for a combination of stock (based on a valuation of $2.50 per share), short term debt, and cash. canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket Since the acquisition of HubPages, I watched Maven’s stock price struggle to go above $2.40, and it was dropping steadily instead. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale Personally, ever since I learned about Maven, I expected their shares would drop in value as more investors analyze the business and think of it as a content farm. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose clearance There is a subtle difference between Google’s content farm definition and Maven’s site arrangement. A content farm, the types of which Google essentially eliminated with the Panda algorithm back in 2012, was a combination of unrelated articles all on one site. Very little attention was given to quality, and Google recognized that too. canada goose clearance

Maven, on the canada goose factory sale other hand, has communities run by experts in their niche fields. These individual communities are Canada Goose Jackets hosted as channels under Maven’s domain.

I had a concern about the possible relationship with a content farm because these communities are not under their unique domains as HubPages is doing with canada goose clearance its vertical network sites. But that may not be so important when considering the community of experts devoted canada goose coats on sale to their canada goose business. That’s a unique and powerful opportunity for growth!

Canada Goose online It’s clear Canada Goose online that Maven’s staff of professionals know what they are doing. Canada Goose online

In the interim, nevertheless, the share price followed my guess uk canada goose although cheap Canada Goose maybe for different reasons. Nevertheless, this provides me with an interesting investment opportunity.

canada goose coats on sale My Maven Investment StrategyI would have wanted to invest in HubPages for many years now, Canada Goose Parka but I couldn’t since they are not a public company. Now that a public company acquired HubPages, and assuming the conditions of the merger are met, I now have the opportunity to invest in HubPages, although indirectly by buying Maven shares. canada goose coats on sale

I have reasons to believe Maven might do well over time, and I’ll discuss that in a moment.

canada goose coats In the middle of February 2018, Maven’s shares price dropped to $1.50 and buyers quickly came Canada Goose sale in, bringing it back up over $1.80 in two hours. So I figured $1.50 is a good entry point. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Outlet I placed an order to buy shares at that low of $1.50, good till canceled if it ever gets back down canadian goose jacket there. On Feb 23rd, right before the Canada Goose Online market closed, my buy order executed and I got my shares as it closed at $1.50 canada goose uk shop once again. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose sale I expect a lot of volatility as the price goes up and down, but I plan to be patient and hold these shares long term. Canada Goose sale

canada goose deals Besides, I realize that they have a strong team behind them, and with the combination of talent from HubPages’ staff, I expect much more growth in the future. canada goose deals

Why Maven Might Do Well Over Time I expect Maven to be a good long term investment for many reasons:

canada goose They also have a strong executive team, with senior executives and buy canada goose jacket veteran engineers from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, News Corp, and Yahoo! 4 canada goose

canada goose store They handpick professional content publishers, reporters and journalists, to join as partners (known as “The Mavens”). Those who are chosen move their independent websites to join Maven’s community of experts under Canada Goose Coats On Sale channels as they are canada goose coats called. canada goose store

canada goose black friday sale As of February 2018 they already had more than 70 channel partners, with roughly two being added every month Canada Goose Outlet since last August canada goose black friday sale.

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