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Rafa Benitez (AGAIN) and Alex FergusonIn a way

Probably the most visited patrol station on the India Pakistan border, the Wagah border sees a spectacular ceremony at dusk every day, when guards on both sides of the border perform drills displaying their strength, discipline, and power to mock intimidate their counterparts across the border. The air here is always rich with a sense of patriotism, more so today since it is Independence Day. Children and adults ran all across the border with the national flag, after which our soldiers performed their drills.

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Replica Hermes Bags But Lou Reed, no matter how many looks he tried on, no matter how many story songs about other people he wrote, could ultimately never present as anybody but himself. (This comes out not just in the overt content of the songs but in the way he strains and shifts his vocalizations, his disinclination to follow strict rhyme schemes or adhere to meter, his phrasing either slack or micro beat accurate.) And very often his self was of course his own worst enemy. When the work reflects this, as it has to, it reflects it in ways that can be mortifying, exasperated, embarrassing, but when you are fully committed to getting through these patches, you don’t feel these things in a way that’s detached from Reed, you feel that way with him Replica Hermes Bags.

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